Why is the 'task tool' important to businesses?

Why is the 'task tool' important to businesses?

Gülay Soydan Pehlevan

Business life brings an intense pace. Projects, tasks, meetings, business visits, internal functioning, responsibilities... It is possible to extend the list further, but in this article we would like to tell you about the importance of the ‘task tool’ for businesses.

Today, we all perform many tasks in our workplace or assign various tasks to our employees. So, what tools do we use when assigning these tasks? E-mail is perhaps the tool we use frequently . Other methods we use when assigning assignments to our employees are; text, phone and face-to-face communication... This is how job assignments are made in many sectors such as service. Tasks are also tried to be followed with the same methods.

On the other hand, it is not possible to say that these assignment methods are not very reliable in terms of internal communication, efficient and fast functioning of the works and company's corporateness

"Why?", you may ask.

It is not possible to follow or know the status of the tasks given to the employees in an unsystematic way, how they are progressing or what kind of problems are encountered within the task.

We are unable to keep track of the task we have given, and most of the time, we even forget what task we have given and to whom we have given the task!

Likewise, our employees, to whom we assign a task, may forget the assigned task depending on the pace of work or may not get efficient results because they cannot manage the process well.

As a result, in many companies or institutions such problems can be encountered since there is no reportable, trackable or measurable task assignment method.

At this point, Bilimp offers an important tool to individuals, businesses and institutions.

The Bilimp Task Tool provides traceability, measurability, coordination, speed and secure communication. Even months later, you can go back and see who did the relevant task. Your productivity increases, your costs decrease, and you prevent possible mistakes.

Moreover, you have an artificial intelligence base so that you can be the next generation smart business of the future.

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