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Become compliant with KVKK (personal data protection law) in your company with the visitor management system and fulfill all legal processes

Use KVKK compliant new generation Visitor tool


Visitor registration - Visits without appointment

Visitors without an appointment; can quickly create visitor records by entering their name, surname and mobile phone information via touch panels. Before registration, "KVKK clarification text for Personal Data Protection Law" is displayed. In this way, the clarification process required by the law numbered 6698 is provided for the visitors. If the institution or company wishes, TR ID number, company, address, plate number, e-mail information from the visitor can be obtained by using the parametric structure. Bilimp technology eliminates the need to obtain an ID card.


Visitor registration - Visits by appointment

With the "visitor code" technology developed by Bilimp, visitors with an appointment can pass very quickly. During the creation of the appointment, a 5-digit "visitor code" is sent to the visitor via SMS. Visitors with an appointment only need to enter the "visitor code" on the touch panel. Before registration, "KVKK clarification text for Personal Data Protection Law" is displayed. In this way, the clarification process required by the law numbered 6698 is provided for the visitors.


Selection of person to visit and confirmation

Visitors can choose the person they will visit via the touch panels. (It can also be used as a department or company instead of a person. This definition is parametric.) Bilimp notifies the person to be visited via SMS, e-mail and Biri notification. If the system is operating in "UNAPPROVED" mode, the registration process is complete. If the system works in "APPROVED" mode, the person to be visited must approve the visitor by means of the notification received via the mobile or web application. When the visitor is approved, the registration process is completed.



Multi-language opportunity for foreign guests

Bilimp has a multi-language feature to enable foreign visitors to easily register in their own language. English, Azerbaijani, German, French, Spanish languages are available for touch panels. It is possible to add an optional language upon request.


Visitor card printing

If desired, a visitor card can be printed for the visitor who completes his/her registration. The name and surname of the visitor, the building and room name of the person to be visited can be automatically printed on the visitor card. QR code is printed for places integrated into turnstile or automatic door system. In addition, if desired, guest wi-fi passwords are automatically printed on the visitor card.


Touchless Entry

There is a touchless entry feature that allows visitors who do not want to use touch panels, to register with their smartphones. Thanks to this feature, visitors can use their smartphones as a visitor panel by scanning the QR code on the visitor panel.


Health Data and HES code Inquiry

The feature of pre-detection and management of risky visits can be implemented parametrically by querying the health data of incoming visitors (Body temperature, sense of taste, etc.) or their risk status (use of public transport, visit abroad, etc.). HES code risk management can be performed automatically or manually.


Sending addresses and maps to visitors

For visitors with an appointment, Bilimp sends "address" and a "map link" along with the "day and time of the visit" to the visitor via SMS. In this way, it is ensured that the visitors find the location accurately and easily. Parametrically; it provides the opportunity to send a thank you SMS to the visitors when the visit is completed.


Ability to show videos and pictures

Touch panels are in parametric structure and have the feature of showing videos and pictures to the visitor before the visitor registration is completed. It offers the opportunity to watch occupational safety videos especially for visits to places where occupational safety is important. Video and image areas can also be used for activities such as information or advertising.


Visitor tracking by photo for high security

Bilimp technology eliminates the need to track visitors by obtaining an ID card. For institutions or companies that require high security, it offers the opportunity to record visitors with photos. Each time the visitor comes, the registration process is done by taking a photo via the camera on the touch panel.


Emergency message

Since all visitors are registered with their mobile phones, in emergencies such as earthquake, fire, etc., the opportunity to send an emergency SMS to visitors is provided. Thanks to this feature, emergency SMS can be sent to all personnel registered in the system.


VIP and banned visitor

Bilimp provides fast and easy access to visitors defined as VIP. It is possible to define "banned visitors" for persons who may be prohibited from entering the institution or company. Entry approval is automatically blocked for these people.


Ability to define periodic visitors

Visitor codes generated for appointments are valid on the same day. It is possible to generate periodic visitor codes and print visitor cards for visitors (interns, subcontracted workers, etc.) who will come regularly within a certain calendar interval.


Subcontracted visitor

Periodic visitor code generation and visitor card printing feature is available for subcontractor visitors who will come regularly within a certain calendar interval. It has the feature to automatically manage the documents that are legally required and the expiration dates of these documents regarding these subcontractor visitors.


Advanced reporting

Bilimp provides an advanced reporting feature for visits and visitors. It offers many reporting opportunities such as most visited, visit times by person, statistics of the number of visitors by month, day and hour, and active visitors.



Turnstile and automatic door integration

Bilimp can work integrated with all existing or newly installed turnstiles or automatic door systems. Integration is achieved with an electronic card. The opening of turnstiles or electronic doors is ensured by reading the visitor cards with QR code produced by the system to a QR code reader. The integration process is carried out by Bilimp business partners. The integration process is charged separately according to the project.


Entry with face recognition system

Bilimp offers an optional advanced face recognition technology to enter. Face recognition technology is an advanced feature that provides high accuracy developed by Bilimp. This option is used to allow entrance with the face recognition system for the visitors who have been registered previously to the system with a photo. In addition, age and gender determinations of incoming visitors are made automatically. Face recognition is an optional feature and is charged separately according to the project.

What does Bilimp Visitor Management provide?

Makes a better first impression

From the entrance of your workplace, it modernizes the environment thanks to professional panels. You can provide an unforgettable experience to all your visitors, including foreigners, with the smart virtual assistant Biri.

Facilitates visitor entry

You no longer need to obtain an official document such as an ID card or driver's license from your guests. By getting only name and mobile phone data from the touch panels, you enable them to take quick action.

Saves costs

When visitors come to your workplace, they choose the person (name and photo) they want to visit from the panels and do their own transactions. In this way, you do not have extra personnel costs.

Enables KVKK compliance

Your company, which processes the data specified in the Personal Data Protection (KVKK) Law No. 6698, fulfills its obligations and complies with all necessary requirements.
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