Receive, evaluate, and manage employee requests.

Easily manage all requests of your team members such as leave, subsistence, vehicle and stationery.
Internal units receive services from each other, for example human resources serves all employees. Purchasing similarly provides services to units. Internal departments are also the providers of external service recipients. Use the flexible demand tool to manage the demand cycle.

Permit Requests

  • Let your team see their remaining leave, excuse, annual sickness, etc. make new requests.
  • Determine the types of requests, assign limits according to the operating rules in permit requests.
  • Leave requests automatically go to the manager to whom they are automatically linked or to a specially designated leave manager.
  • Let it be approved with Tübitak Time Stamp with BiSign technology.
  • If a wet signature is required, permission forms should be printed automatically.

Ease the burden of Human Resources units

Nowadays, the most common type of request is employee leave requests. It becomes a never-ending process for those requesting leave, approving requests and monitoring entitlements. Regardless of how many or how few team members you have in your business, failure to manage this process effectively can result in major labour losses. Thanks to Bilimp's mobile application, you can access all this information with a few taps.

Vehicle Requests

  • Easily manage vehicle requests.
  • Create requests with or without a driver..
  • Associate requests with tasks, so that you can report on which tasks are being spent on the carriage time.

General Demand Management

  • Define permit and vehicle requests as well as request formats specific to your business.
  • Manage different types of requests by creating main categories and subcategories.
  • Determine the target audience for requests.
  • If the request involves a certain cost, add different approval processes according to the limits.
  • Automatically convert approved requests into tasks and make every stage of the process traceable.

Manage leave requests, let employees see their remaining leave and request leave. Relieve HR departments.

Determine request types, create target audience, turn requests into automated tasks, monitor processes.

Manage vehicle requests, associate vehicles used with tasks, and clarify your cost calculations.

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