Receive, evaluate, and manage employee requests.
Easily manage all requests of your team members such as leave, subsistence, vehicle and stationery.

Internal units receive services from each other, for example, human resources serve all employees. The purchasing department provides service to the units in a similar way. In addition, suppliers to external service buyers are internal units.

For example, the customer relations directs the request to the internal units when a technical solution request is received. Use the flexible Request tool to manage the request cycle.

Request Management Tool

  • Manage leave requests, let your employees see their remaining leaves in the mobile environment and allow them to request leave.
  • Manage the requests of company vehicles with or without driver, avoid additional vehicle requests.
  • Create request types based on your business type and define those responsible for fulfilling the request.
  • Determine approved and unapproved request types in request types, and forward unapproved requests directly to those responsible.
  • Create request in mobile and web environments.
  • When the approval authority transaction is completed, a task is automatically opened to those responsible.
  • Let the requests that are in the approved or unapproved process be monitored, notifications are sent to the relevant people.
  • Report request statistics, monitor the costs of requests, their distribution to units, the realization times of requests, and improve your processes.
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