Track and easily manage your IT processes with the Information Technology tool.

Manage your work and processes in an integrated and controlled manner with Bilimp's Information Technology tool.
All organizations are rapidly digitalizing and the business processes of IT units are becoming increasingly complex and costs are increasing.

Today, for many organizations, the performance of the business has become measured by the performance of IT units. Although cloud technologies have greatly facilitated software management, factors such as device inventory, software inventory, process software, maintenance, renewal and testing processes make even the smallest disruption unacceptable.

Password Management

  • Store passwords managed by IT units such as domain, mail, hosting, etc. in Bilimp,
  • Share passwords according to the level of authorization for more than one person to access,
  • Keep passwords encrypted and secure in the database,
  • Business units such as financial affairs unit, administrative affairs unit, etc. can easily manage their own passwords,
  • Make passwords no longer dependent on individuals, work redundantly, and manage handover processes with ease,
  • Institutionalize password setting, changing and sharing policies.

Password Management is at Great Risk in Businesses

Today, we live our lives with hundreds of passwords. Even the smallest businesses have hundreds of passwords to manage, change and share.

IT passwords, accounting software passwords, e-Devlet, Revenue Administration, e-Tebligat, Message Management System, e-İmza, VERBİS, safe, entrance door, security system, vehicle tracking system, online subscriptions, corporate software, GMS passwords and There are hundreds of passwords that can be added depending on the type of business. While trying to manage this complexity, Bilimp protects passwords from addiction and individual risks by institutionalizing them.

License Management

  • Track software licenses with purchase, update and maintenance periods,
  • Manage your domains along with their purchase, maintenance and other documentation,
  • Bilimp monitors renewal times and reminds you when maintenance is due.

Device Management

  • Record all your devices together with their purchase, technical information and document attachments,
  • Easily manage embezzlement and monitor embezzlement device movements,
  • Have submission forms digitally validated.

Eliminate dependency on individuals for password management.

Manage device tests and asset risks from a single point. Do not overlook quality certificates and PDPL compliance.

Reduce your costs and keep your business running with license management.

Demand Management

  • Information technology units are one of the most demanded units in businesses.
  • Receive, monitor and manage demands digitally.
  • Monitor open, pending and closed demands through the panel and get reports. 

Testing, Asset and Risk Management

  • Record your assets with all their details,
  • Identify the risk groups of its assets,
  • Relate the risk groups to the quality management systems (27001, 30011, OHS, etc.) in your organization,
  • Score risks, identify risk mitigation measures, determine action periods,
  • Determine device test plans, record the tests with all documents,
  • Enter test results, receive automatic notifications for the next test.

Content Publishing Management

  • Manage content from devices with Android TV support,
  • Introduce building entrances, waiting rooms, information boards to Bilimp,
  • Upload content and set the publishing schedule,
  • Bilimp publishes content on the date, order and number of repetitions you specify.
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