Easily track and manage your IT jobs.
With Bilimp's Information Technology tool, manage your work and processes in an integrated manner.

Information Technology (IT) Tool

  • Keep track of the passwords that users store on their computers or agendas by means of Bilimp.
  • Keep the records made in the Passwords menu encrypted in the database.
  • Make these passwords only visible to registration personnel and those authorized by them.
  • Record your devices with all their technical features and follow the test times.
  • Embezzle devices to employees, manage embezzlements.
  • Manage your software licenses, track license validity periods.
  • Manage your domains and hosting and be notified when expiry times are approaching.
  • Use the Bilimp asset and risk management menu for risk management.
  • Let Biri’s smart notifications make all the necessary alerts.
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