Secure your internal messages with Bimesaj.

Stay online with instant messaging, reach your entire team anytime.
Email is becoming less and less used. Especially the proliferation of instant messaging applications and the workforce born to this technology rejects the cumbersomeness of e-mail.

Messages can be too distracting due to the mixed use of work and private messaging apps, but we want to reduce this.

Secure Messaging

  • Secure messaging only within team members, close your gaps against communication accidents.
  • Store your data on secure servers within your own organisation or within Turkey and comply with the Personal Data Law.
  • Messages are encrypted and stored in the Bilimp database. They are never saved on the phone or computer.
  • Mobile and web user logins of people who leave their jobs are closed immediately, and they cannot access their messages.

Flexible Communication Management

  • Have automatic messaging groups based on company, department, unit, branch, position and project.
  • When the HR department hires a person, they are automatically added to the groups, and when they are removed, they are automatically removed.
  • Don't have to add the contact to your mobile phone to send a message. Let the application automatically retrieve information from the Bilimp server.
  • Focus on communication, don't bother with message management.

Help your team focus on their work with effective communication

The message authorisation feature is important to ensure effective communication between departments. With this feature, you can set limits on which users cannot write messages, who can send messages to everyone, or only create messages to users outside their own department and unit. This reduces unnecessary communication between departments and ensures that everyone only receives relevant messages, making communication more efficient and effective.

Messaging efficiency

  • Select the message that you have decided is now a thread as a result of the messaging and turn it into a task.
  • Instantly send messages and ask for feedback on the work you have created in Bilimp tools such as internal writing, tables, proposals and contracts.
  • Whether you send your messages from the web interface or the mobile application, always stay in touch.

Automatically created messaging groups based on company, department, unit, project.

Removal of automatic message access at the end of the working day.

Increasing the efficiency of internal communication lost in dozens of message applications and e-mails.

Message management integrated with business tools.

KVKK compliance thanks to data stored on domestic servers or the organisation's own server.

Keeping the team always in contact with the powerful mobile application.

How does it work?

  • Assign administrators to messaging groups.
  • Send messages to multiple people without the need to create a group, the group is created automatically in the background.
  • With message authorisations, you can set limits on who cannot write messages, who can send messages to everyone, or who can only create messages outside their own department and unit.
  • Receive mobile and web notifications for messages received via BiMessage.
  • See if people are online.
  • Initiate calls via communication tools such as Biconference, Zoom, Skype, etc. via BiMessage.

Mobile Bimesaj

Make your internal communication fast and secure with Bilimp's Mobile "Bimesaj". Use on all Android and IOS devices.
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