It is now very easy to monitor and manage the sales department.

Monitor your goals and sales from the sales panel without the need for complex reports. Prepare your offers and contracts easily.
With its features that will facilitate the work of your sales team, Bilimp ensures that the sales processes are followed correctly. It helps to use the workforce efficiently with the right targets and to make more accurate decisions with the power of information.

Register Your Products

Register your products with their details and features. Determine the prices of your products according to price types. Determine your own systematic with your own product codes.

Create Customer Card

Knowing what stage your customers and potential customers are at in your workflows is very important in order to provide better service and not miss opportunities.

Prepare Your Offers and Contracts

We have made it easiest for you to offer products, services and create contracts. Link your products, customers, offers and contracts with the integrated structure of Bilimp.

Sales Panel

  • Track personnel or customer based targets through panels.
  • Manage your goals monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • View bids and total amounts with time filter.
  • See all your contracts by type in one chart.
  • Review from a single panel instead of many reports and make it easier for you to decide.

Prepare Your Offers and Contracts

  • Create your offers quickly and easily, download them in a PDF template.
  • Send your offer to the authorized person of the customer you prepared with one click.
  • Create your proforma invoices in seconds and email them.
  • Create your sales contracts and payment plan, and when the payment time comes, an automatic task will be opened to issue an invoice.
  • Create personnel bonus tables.

Create Customer Card

  • Easily create your customer cards by associating them with the registered company.
  • See all your offers and contracts for that customer in your customer card.
  • View all work done retrospectively and create corporate memory.
  • Make sales tracking easier by creating customer groups specific to your company.
  • Make analyzes from a holistic perspective by specifying the source of your customers.
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