Facilitate the tracking of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) documents.
With the Bilimp Subcontractor Tool, perform the operations such as the Clarification Text, OHS video demonstration, COVID-19 survey, that you need to provide for the personnel who will work in your institution.

Subcontractor Management

  • See the information of the subcontractors you work with on a single screen and manage your subcontractors without any problems.
  • Employees of your institution can enter the name, subject, start and end dates of the work you have given to the subcontractor and information about subcontractor company, and can define the job by selecting the hazard class.
  • Depending on the hazard class, the documents to be requested from the subcontractor and their validity periods are added to the job description page.
  • From the page where you define the job, an e-mail can be sent to the subcontractor company officials to attach the documents related to the job and define the personnel to be employed.
  • There is a web link in the SMS sent to the personnel. When the subcontractor personnel click on this link, the Clarification Text is displayed, the OHS video is watched, online education and exams are held, and they are asked to answer the COVID-19 questionnaire. If they quit during the process, they can continue from where they left off by clicking the link again.
  • When all the steps are completed, a subcontractor code will be sent to your institution that they can use in entry and exit transactions.
  • Types of documents requested from the subcontractor and its personnel, their validity periods, and for which hazard class of works these documents are required and compulsory situations can be identified.
  • Online exams are associated with online educations and can be defined by determining questions, answer options and passing score. The exam is automatically shown to the personnel of subcontractor participating in the online education.
  • Subcontractor company's personnel can log in with their username and password, and see the work given to their company and add the documents requested from them regarding this job. Documents are added to the system by checking their validity periods, and the company user is informed about adding the mandatory documents.
  • Company officials can define the personnel they will employ for this job and attach documents related to the personnel.
  • The works done by the subcontractor company (document addition, personnel definition, etc.) are controlled by your employees. After the approval of all documents, Bilimp allows you to inform the subcontractor personnel via SMS.
  • These processes, which are described respectively for subcontracted personnel, are parametric. The options you do not want to use can be turned off by you.
  • With process definitions, it is possible to inform the users when the document validity period approaches, in order to send reminders about the completion time of the work, inform the relevant users about the subcontracted personnel who have not completed their transactions yet on the work start date.
  • Different online educations can be defined for subcontracted personnel for different hazard classes.
  • Online educations can be defined as periodic education if desired and are shown again to the subcontractor personnel who are still working in your institution after the determined period.
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