Easy end-to-end management with the Subcontractor Management business tool.

The complexity in the subcontractor management process causes companies to lose efficiency, time and cost. With Bilimp Subcontractor Management, this process is now very easy!
Subcontractor management, coordination and follow-up constitute a large part of the workload of your OHS teams. While managing this process with office tools and e-mail, many follow-up problems arise. There is only one way to solve the problems in communication; digitalising this process.

With Bilimp Subcontractor Management, digitally manage your document and equipment follow-up of subcontracted workers who will work in your company. Follow the KVKK and OHS trainings with online trainings, invite only those who have completed all processes and produce an end-to-end solution for your subcontractor process with transition management integration.

Subcontractor Company Panel

  • Define the work to be done, the hazard class, the duration of the work and the company to which it is assigned.
  • Create a user for the company authorities to define the necessary documents related to that work and the personnel to work.
  • Let the subcontractor company authorities easily upload the personnel, documents and equipment to the system.
  • Let your OHS team check the added documents and complete the approval/rejection process.
  • Notify approved subcontractor personnel via SMS.

Occupational Safety Training Management

  • With a web link in the SMS sent to the personnel who will work according to the defined job, respectively, the Clarification Text display, online training including Job Security video and optionally online exam.
  • Subcontractor company personnel complete the trainings they need to receive before coming to your company by clicking on the link in the SMS sent to them and come ready to work.
With missing documents or training, subcontractor personnel trying to solve these problems in front of the transition is a waste of time and efficiency for all companies. Manage this process flawlessly with Bilimp Subcontractor Management.

Migration Management Integration

  • When subcontracted personnel complete all training and optionally exams, a subcontractor pass code is sent to them.
  • The subcontractor access code works integrated with the Bilimp Visitor tool and is used for the entry and exit of subcontractor company personnel to and from your organisation.
  • It keeps the entry and exit of subcontractor personnel under control in accordance with the security protocols of your business.

Document Tracking

  • With Bilimp Subcontractor Management, your OHS team can define the types of documents required from subcontractor companies and personnel, their validity periods and their requirements.
  • Working environments such as working at height, working in heat, etc. can be added parametrically.
  • Regarding the requested documents, for example, while the SSI Service breakdown is requested once for the company, the OHS training certificate is a document that must be added separately for each personnel. This distinction can be managed with document type definition.
  • The same document type can be defined with different validity periods for different hazard classes. Define different documents depending on the hazard class of each job and easily track the validity periods of these documents.

User Friendly Interface and Integration

  • Bilimp Subcontractor Management is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface.
  • Integrate with the existing transition system of your business and adapt to your business processes.
  • Gather all operations related to subcontractor management on a single platform, increase efficiency and facilitate communication.
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