Bilimp Technology

Log Tracking

Bilimp has a LOG (Trace) Tracking infrastructure that has been tested for many years. Thanks to this detailed LOG system, every movement of all users is monitored and recorded.

In this way, the system monitors all user movements and offers a professional Trace tracking.


All Users exist in Bilimp with their own passwords and these passwords cannot be viewed by anyone, including the developers who produced the Bilimp software.

The data written in the Message Tool (Bimesaj) is encrypted and cannot be viewed by developers who have permission to access the database.

Cloud Technology

CLOUD or SERVER Licensing options are available according to institutional needs. For Institutions that prefer the CLOUD system; the need for Setup, Backup and Hardware investment is eliminated. In the CLOUD system, all version updates are made automatically and free of charge.


Calendar, Text and Table tools work bidirectionally integrated with Microsoft products.

Optionally, integration with different software needed in the Server Licensing model may be possible.

Data Discrimination

An unlimited number of Company definitions can be made in the system and this is not subject to an extra charge. Thanks to the "Data Discrimination" feature companies are rendered unable to see each other's data. Permitted users can see all the data by deactivating the "data can't be seen" feature.

Advanced Authorization

The system has an advanced user authorization structure. Authorizations can be given in the form of “groups”, or if desired, on the basis of “user”. The authorization structure can be made in detail from a user’s access to the entire tool to a single operation (eg deletion, etc.).

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