Easily Manage and Monitor Your Projects.

Our budget and time are limited, there are dozens of projects to be executed. Completing the projects on time is important for the continuity of the business.
Görev aracı Bilimp’te çok merkezi bir noktada yer alır ve tüm araçların işçicisidir. Araçlardan veya doğrudan kişilerden aldığı görevi sorumlularına ulaştırır ve tamamlanıncaya süreci takip eder. Ancak onlarca kişinin çalışacağı, araç ve gereçlerin kullanılacağı süreli işleri sadece görev takibi ile yürütmek kolay değildir. Bu tür işlerin proje yönetimi sistematiğinde ele almak gerekir. Proje yönetim aracı ile onlarca projenizi aynı anda yönetin. Kaynak planlaması, görevleri izleme, proje kestirimi işlerini Bilimp sizin için yerine getirsin.
Many businesses have to run multiple projects at the same time and complete the projects on time without exceeding the determined budget. Easily manage dozens of projects from a single point according to the needs of your business.

Initiating a Project and Creating an Investment Request

Create Project Initiation and Investment Requests, submit them to the approval flow in the approval process you specify
Discover the easy way to submit and approve requests.

Planning, executing, monitoring and evaluating projects

Can you plan your projects correctly, do the works go on time, can the resources be used in a balanced way, can you see the time and cost deviations?
Discover the easy way to plan and execute projects.

Co-executing projects with Program Management

Conduct your projects together under Program Management, which will be more efficient, more optimal and much more beneficial when executed together.
Discover the easy way to Program Management.

Project Management

  • Create work packages.
  • Assign resources.
  • Start the project.
  • Enter the realization data.
  • Compare baseline, current plan and actual data, track deviations.
  • Create project processes, set criteria, track project performance.
  • Identify risks, make risk measurements and monitor the risk graph.
  • Make it easier for senior management to track projects with panels and reports.

Follow every stage of the project closely

  • Minimize time and cost variances with Project Progress Panel.
  • Check your compliance with the Project Performance Report.
  • Mitigate risks, take action with Project Status Monitoring.
  • Balance your resources with Resource Workload.
In Project Management software, definitions and tags are often limited. In the Bilimp Project Management Tool; project situations, project positions, project and investment types, demand reasons, process criteria, risk criteria are flexible. It can be added as desired and custom tags can be defined.

Flexible Definitions

  • Categorize your projects according to their project status.
  • Identify new positions where employees take part in the project, different from their internal positions.
  • Define Project and Investment types and thus subject them to different approval flows.
  • Create project processes and extract the project performance score according to the criteria in these processes, examine them on the chart.
  • Define risk criteria for Time, Budget, Output and Team, make risk assessments at desired periods and plot risk.
  • Detail the project information by defining as many summary tags as you want within the project.

Science Mobile

Use on all Android and IOS devices.
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Project Management Methodology

It has become important that project execution in enterprises is compatible with the PMI Project Management Methodology. Thus; Having a single responsibility center, defining clear targets, facilitating monitoring and control, improving communication, increasing efficiency and motivation.

Creating the work breakdown structure.

Using resources in a balanced and efficient way.

Strengthening communication within the team by assigning tasks, ensuring that the work is done on time.

Seeing deviations and taking action.

Actual cost calculation, performance assessment and risk management.

Panels, reports and Program Management for senior managers.

Project Description

  • Define your project. Identify project owners based on company, department.
  • Assign the project manager. Add and define work packages.
  • Create project external stakeholders, add stakeholders' staff.
  • Plan your vehicle, device and, if necessary, your purchases by adding them to the work packages.
  • Make your estimates of project costs.

Work Package Management

  • View and visually organize your work packages via the Gantt Chart.
  • Add documents to projects and work packages.
  • Do the planning through tasks, not individuals.
  • Make effort plans hourly, daily and monthly.
  • Open and export work packages in the table or import different project files and manage them in Bilimp.
  • Create reminder messages about any stage of the project and work package, inform the relevant persons.

Project Initiation, Authority, Management

  • Make project viewing, change or cost viewing authorizations on a project basis at the planning stage.
  • Easily create similar projects with duplicate project.
  • Record different baselines to make periodic comparisons and monitor deviations.
  • Create work breakdown templates and use them in projects of the same type.
  • Create an obligation to attach documents for project initiation and investment requests, and ensure that any type of documents are attached.

Panels and Reporting

  • Filter and display your projects in panels at the organizational level, project level, or by selecting a date range.
  • Report the personnel involved in the projects or their tasks.

Program Management

  • Include your projects in Program Management, which are much more beneficial when executed together.
  • Manage the joint budget, start new projects according to the surplus in the budget.
  • Track the progress of projects and keep control in one hand.
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