Get the suggestions of your employees, increase your service quality.
Benefit from the knowledge, experience and abilities of your employees within the organization; analyze with the Bilimp recommendation tool and ensure the development of the right business models.

Suggestion Tool

  • Get your employees' ideas, cost-reducing suggestions, and create a participatory working environment.
  • Identify suggestion types. Select the people to be included in the assessment units.
  • Let the employees see their rank in the company according to the points they get for the suggestions they have made.
  • Receive directly intellectual property rights approvals for project proposals.
  • When the suggestion evaluation is finalized, the suggestion result status information is sent to the suggestion owner.
  • The suggestion should be evaluated and scored by the members of the unit, and if it gets a passing score from the system, it should be implemented.
  • Automatic notification is sent to authorized people when suggestions are entered.
  • Score for the suggestions put into practice, increase motivation.
  • Let your personnel working remotely outside the institution record their suggestions from the mobile application or using the web interface; let them get the opinions of their colleagues and explain the benefits of their suggestion. They can hide their identity if they want.
  • Task assignment is made automatically when the suggestions that receive a passing grade from the system are put into practice.
  • Add question sets. Let people enter suggestions according to suggestion groups.
  • Let the people enter more suggestions to increase the score rank.
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