Strengthen team spirit with Suggestion Management and take your business to the next level.

We have a solution for you to evaluate the ideas of all your employees, create a participatory working environment and increase operational efficiency!
Increasing efficiency, reducing costs and integrating the culture of continuous improvement into your corporate business processes has become one of the biggest requirements of the digital age. One of the invariable parts of many quality systems is to create a participatory working environment.

Benefit from the knowledge, experience and skills of your team within the organisation; make analyses with the Bilimp suggestion tool and ensure the development of the right business models.

Compatibility with Kaizen and 5S

Sürekli iyileştirme felsefesine dayanan Kaizen ve 5S metodolojilerini destekleyen Öneri aracı ile, firmanızda verimlilik ve kalite geliştirmeleri yapabilmeniz için uygun bir ortam sağlayın.

Different Types of Suggestions

Sadece belirleyeceğiniz çalışma konumları ve yarıçapların içerisinde puantaj atılabilsin. Böylelikle dağınık çalışma alanlarında herhangi bir cihaza gerek olmadan personel takibi yapın.

Mobile Application

Provide access to your team from anywhere with location-independent suggestion management for all your employees via Bilimp mobile application or web interface.
A participatory working environment has become mandatory for every company. Companies that adopt team spirit are always one step ahead of their competitors.

Take and evaluate suggestions easily.

  • Determine the types of proposals. Select the people who will take part in the evaluation units.
  • Obtain intellectual property rights approvals for project proposals.
  • The proposal shall be evaluated and scored by the members of the unit, and if the score exceeds the threshold value, the proposal shall be implemented.

Implement the most advanced solution to strengthen your organisation's culture of innovation and ensure operational excellence.

  • Provide a social platform for employees to interact with each other. Discuss ideas, get feedback and encourage cross-team collaboration.
  • Award points for implemented suggestions, increase motivation.
  • Let your team see where they rank in the company according to the points they receive for the suggestions they have made.
  • Show that you value your team's ideas with the reward system.
  • Take your team's suggestion request to the next level with advanced dashboards.

Suggestion Registration - Evaluation - Conclusion

  • The members of the evaluation unit make their scores independently of each other with the criteria determined specifically for the type of proposal or evaluation units.
  • The average of the scores the proposal receives from the members determines the proposal score.
  • If this score is above the threshold value you set, it is automatically deemed eligible and a task is sent to the responsible person defined for that type to start the application..
  • The owner of the proposal is awarded as many award points as the score of the proposal.

Suggestion - Preliminary Examination - Evaluation - Conclusion

  • The members of the assessment unit carry out the assessment together.
  • The suggestion is first rejected, approved or sent back.
  • The proposals found appropriate in the preliminary evaluation are scored by the common scoring of the members with the criteria determined specifically for the type of proposal.
  • Recommendations deemed appropriate are assigned to the responsible person for that species to initiate the implementation.
  • The owner of the proposal is awarded as many award points as the score of the proposal.
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