Provide standardization in your correspondences with Bilimp EDMS
• Create templates for correspondence types, define signature sequences and flows.
• Create your own drafts for the documents you create with similar content and signature flows, shorten your document preparation times.
• With ISS, PRA and SOCRS integrations, you can access person, company and official institution information via e-government.

• Define your file plans and subject codes, define retention periods for subject codes.

• Get incoming document records easily by seeing the REMs coming to your REM accounts belonging to different REM providers in a common pool.

• View outgoing REMs of all your REM accounts together.

• Make your correspondence with official institutions with E Correspondence package format and E-seal integration.
• Ensure that only authorized persons can access documents with position-based authorization.

• Sign with e-signature and m-signature.

• Sign not only the documents created in EDMS, but also the documents you add to the system from outside.

• Easily create relationships that need to be established with previous documents by making associations between documents.

• View all circulation movements on the document.
• Ensure continuity without loss of work and time with the proxy management structure.

• Make your transfer, hold, complete, initial transactions using the mobile application, and sign your pending signatures with the mobile signature infrastructure.

• In obligatory or extraordinary cases, follow up your documents signed with wet signature from EDMS.

• Check your employee performance over your pending and processed documents.
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