Increase your total quality with a sustainable quality management system.

Systematise and modernise your quality practices with the Bilimp Corporate Quality Management System and reduce your risk of non-compliance while improving your product and service quality.
Quality is more than a department. An end-to-end digital quality management system makes quality possible at the source and compliance issues are a thing of the past.

Discover the high value it will add to your business quality by managing all management systems of your company together with the Bilimp Integrated Quality Management System.

Quality Document Management

Asset and Risk Management

Corrective Remedial Actions

Root Cause Analysis

Audit Management

Process Management

Quality Document Management

  • Document management is one of the most valuable parts of the quality management process. Creating, revising and announcing documents to every employee is not an easy process to manage without collecting them on a platform.
  • With the Bilimp Quality business tool, you can easily create and keep your quality documents up-to-date in accordance with ISO standards. Manage your procedures, instructions, forms and other documents on a single platform.


  • Determine the quality policies of your business and develop appropriate methods to communicate these policies to your employees and stakeholders.


  • Follow relevant industry or sector-specific regulations and ensure that your organisation complies.


  • Create and implement procedures that explain step-by-step how to perform specific processes in your organisation.


  • Create instructions to inform your employees about specific trainings or procedures.

Change Tracking

  • Provide monitoring and feedback mechanisms to track changes to quality processes. Increase co-operation by ensuring that relevant parties are informed of any changes.


  • Define and document the quality management processes in your organisation and manage them effectively.


  • Create and distribute guidelines that describe how employees are to perform specific operations or processes.


  • Design and use forms for recording processes and collecting data.


  • Create a manual containing all your quality management processes, policies, guidelines, procedures and other documents.

Document Review and Distribution Control

  • Review all your quality documents and provide access to relevant teams.
  • With the Distribution Control feature, check which people the document has reached and reviewed.

Corrective Remedial Actions and Root Cause Analysis

Problems are for solving. Identify and analyse the source of recurring problems in your business, get to the source of the problem with permanent solutions.

Corrective Remedial Actions

  • Manage your business' Corrective Improvement Actions with Bilimp Quality Management System and provide your business with a digital platform to support quality improvements.
  • Plan and implement effective actions to correct quality problems and prevent future problems.

Root Cause Analysis

  • Perform root cause analysis to identify the source of your quality problems.
  • Strengthen your quality improvement process by analysing problems in depth, not just superficially.

Audit Process Management

Audits are a workload-intensive process that requires planning, implementation and reporting in the quality management process. Reduce the workload and manage your audits easily with Bilimp Quality Audit Management.
  • With quality audits, assess your organisation's compliance with quality standards, optimise your processes and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Let Bilimp guide and facilitate you in planning, performing, reporting and following up quality audits.
  • Create audit plans, assign auditors and ensure that audits are carried out on time.
  • Manage audits for each Quality Management System separately, make internal preparations before external audits and have a flawless audit.

Asset and Risk

Preventing the assets in your business and the risks that may arise from them is a much more permanent solution in terms of business loss and financial loss than treating the consequences arising from this risk.

Create an inventory of assets in your business and create risk management strategies by identifying potential risks. Manage Governance, Risk and Compliance as a whole.

Asset Inventory

  • Create and track asset inventory across your business.
  • Implement an integrated inventory management to track equipment that requires calibration, materials in inventory or other assets.
  • Manage all your assets such as information asset and OHS asset on a single platform.

Manage Your Risks Smoothly

  • Identify potential risks in the quality process and keep them under effective control.
  • Ensure business continuity by creating risk assessments, measures and risk management strategies.

Control of Potential Risks

  • Identify your risks, define the measures to be taken.
  • Make risk management in accordance with your choice of 3 or 5 matrix.
  • Measure the risks of your assets and determine the appropriate measures in advance.

Process Management

Process management is the identification, improvement and management of the processes of an enterprise. Efficiency and sustainability are achieved when these processes are managed and implemented in real terms, instead of processes that remain only on paper in businesses.
  • Determine your processes, inputs and outputs.
  • Create the main process and sub-processes connected to them.
  • Determine the resources in your processes.
  • Determine the goals of your processes.
  • Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes with Process Performance Management.

Bilimp's Integrated Management System enables you to comply with the legislation and manage your quality processes in an integrated manner.

Task Assignment

Define and assign quality improvement and audit tasks. Follow the process by assigning tasks to relevant teams or employees and evaluate the results.

Management Representative

Determine quality tasks and responsibilities. Effectively allocate tasks by designating the relevant teams as assigned responsible persons.


Increase the participation of your employees and strengthen their sense of belonging.

Data Processing and Inventory

Track your Information Assets and associated processes.

Document Applications and Document Tracking

Monitor the validity processes of the generated documents and keep them regularly updated.

Suggestion Management

Implement Suggestion Management, which is a part of the quality system, with Bilimp so that you can evaluate the ideas of all your employees, create a participatory working environment and increase operational efficiency.

Education Management

Manage the Occupational Health and Information Security training process of your employees according to the training plan, apply online exams with the question types you want. Publish to the target audience from the sharing centre.
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