Increase your total quality with a sustainable quality system.

Seamlessly manage the quality management system in your organization. Create your quality documents, monitor changes, select responsible people, assign tasks, create your asset inventories, check for potential risks.

Ensure the management and preparation of quality documents

  • Create a living and sustainable quality system base with Bilimp and increase the total quality of the system.

  • Make document revisions easily, track changes without breaking the link between the first document and all revisions.

  • Revised documents will be automatically notified to your selected target audience by the virtual assistant “Biri”.

Build your asset inventory

  • Save the corrective actions you create; select the responsible unit and responsible person.
  • Corrective action records should be assigned as a task to the responsible people, completed tasks should be closed with appropriate approvals for the process.
  • Define different quality managers for different management systems, such as occupational health, information security, and quality management system, or designate a single responsible one.
  • Build your asset inventory such as information assets, OHS (occupational health and safety) assets, etc.

Seamlessly track risks

  • Identify your risks, define the measures to be taken.
  • Do the risk management in accordance with your choice of 3 or 5 matrix.
  • Enter the periodic maintenance of the devices, your software update dates, and be notified by your virtual assistant “Biri” when it approaches.
  • Archive your quality documents, trademark registration certificates or patents and their applications.
  • Easily access documents related to Bilimp’s “intelligent reporting” system, and facilitate your document tracking with automatic reminders of the virtual assistant “Biri”.
  • Reduce your risk of job loss and property damage.
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