Discover the Easy Way to Manage IT assets and Human Resources.

Time optimization and automated IT inventory collection software.

Our resources are limited; Trained manpower is the most important resource and the use of the right resource is vital for every business.
Many businesses consist of employees who spend most of their time in front of the computer, and these times are increasing in favor of the computer day by day. Software hardware investments, maintenance and updates are taking more and more shares from operating budgets.

Taking software and hardware inventory

Automatically collect hardware and software inventory information. Watch for changes
Discover the easy way to make maintenance and purchasing plans.

Real software usage detection

Are the installed software really used efficiently, or do you have to bear excessive licensing costs, as is the case in many businesses?
Discover the easy way to save on license costs.

Automatic computer activity information generation

Creating corporate memory is a vital issue for the continuity of businesses. But in the daily turmoil, we don't have time to take note of what we do.
Discover the easy way to create corporate memory.

Creating Inventory

  • Gather hardware components.
  • Get automatic notifications when there is a hardware change.
  • Automatically collect operating system and application software inventory.
  • Let your software and hardware inventory be created automatically.
  • Manage your embezzlement, scrapping, renewals.
  • Monitor applications that threaten information security.
There are too many factors that prevent concentration in our working life and their effects are increasing. There are a number of reasons for this; lack of a suitable environment, office mobility, ringing phones, incoming e-mails, and social media applications working like a distraction center. Among all these, other realities of life such as making a proper business plan, setting priorities, and self-discipline do not leave us.

Report the time you lost in so many hassles

  • Reduce the effect of concentration-dispersing ingredients.
  • Plan where to focus for time management.
  • Avoid inequity in workload distribution.
  • Measure the real time we allocate to projects and calculate the cost.

Behavioral Patern

Making a software inventory makes it easier for IT managers, but it does not produce enough information for software purchasing operations. BiTime has an intuitive algorithm that we call the Behavioral Pattern. This technology detects whether software is being used rather than whether it is installed or not. It collects qualified data, distinguishing whether the software is used for editing purposes or for viewing purposes only. In this way, it produces information about how effectively the software is used.

Software usage analysis

  • Extract software usage statistics.
  • Do not spend a budget for software that is not used even for 1-2 hours per month on average.
  • Use actual usage information in purchasing decisions.
  • Check for unnecessary software purchases.
  • Prevent the use of unlicensed software.
  • Do not renew the licenses of users who are under a period of use, save money.
  • Evaluate purchase requests according to actual usage information, do not pay unnecessary license fees.

Remote Work

Remote work has become an important part of life. It is a very difficult situation to declare overtime for people who work remotely. For employees who spend their shifts in front of the computer, BiTime automatically collects the activities of the day and takes this burden off the people by reporting the work content. In this way, overtime measurement becomes fully flexible, focusing on measuring actual production time rather than hour limitations.

Create an activity

  • Report how much time employees spend on each job.
  • Determine how much of their time they spend on the computer and how much on other work tools.
  • Measure the time spent in front of the computer for a contract arrangement or a design drawing, analyze the cost per unit of work.
  • Ensure task load justice, increase employee satisfaction.
  • Automatically create corporate memory, ensure business continuity.
  • Identify the differences between employees who do similar jobs at different times, and increase their performance by providing them with training.

Gathering and updating hardware and software inventory

Get rid of unnecessary software purchases with real software usage statistics

Actual performance measurement rather than observational KPI

Transparency with real time information in the work statements of remote workers

Real cost calculation with the separation of the time allocated to the projects in the project teams

Analysis of the amount of production in equal time between team members

How does it work?

  • After installation, it settles in the system tray and collects and analyzes the work on the computer in a transparent way without violating data privacy.
  • For desktop applications, it collects the application name and the name of the file being worked on and how long time has been spent in this application.
  • In browser applications, it collects tab titles and time spent on that tab.
  • The user sees that the BiTime application is running and can stop it at any time. For example, if he is going to do a banking transaction during the day, he can stop the registration and start the registration again after completing the transaction. This time period is marked as special time use and is not saved.
  • In cases of special time use without stopping the recording, it can list the generated activity records at any time and remove them from the recording history.

Reporting and Activity Monitoring

  • At the end of the day, it primarily reports all the activities to the employee himself. This is very important feedback to get away from distractors.
  • If desired, short descriptions can be entered for the activities and a company, customer, project relationship can be established. This build takes less than a minute and institutional memory is formed.

Complies with business rules

  • Data collection settings can be customized according to the positions in the organizational chart.
  • Data collection can be customized in three stages. No data will be collected, only application name, application name and file/tab name will be collected.
  • Computer time expectation can be specified according to the positions. For example, 3 hours for floor assistant, 4.5 hours for software developer, 5.6 hours for data operator. Reaching these amounts is considered as maximum efficiency.
  • Since Bilimp has the information of those on leave, those in a meeting, shift or power of attorney, these definitions do not need to be made separately.

Adjust the data analysis level according to the position types, do not deal with unnecessary details.

No data will be collected
Employees predominantly involved in administrative tasks
Only app name will be collected
The effects of work activities on institutional memory
Application name and file/tab name will be collected
What should be calculated with the effort and cost input of the works included and performed in the projects

BiTime Thinks About You

Working at the computer all the time causes us to become more and more distracted during the day and we cannot use our time well.
  • Time flies when you have to stay overtime, there are dozens of jobs to catch up to the next day.
  • When the lunch break comes, BiTime will send you an alert and remind you to take a break, eat something healthy and take some steps if possible.
  • If it detects that you have been using a computer intensively for 60 minutes, it will ask you to take a 5-minute break and do a few stretches.
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