Time Optimization and IT Inventory Software
Systematically gather information on hardware, software, and work activity in your workplace through computers, and optimize your work.


In businesses, employees spend most of their time in front of the computer. As technology evolves, these times are increasing. While this may seem like a good development, it is getting harder to focus on because of the dynamic work environment. There are numerous reasons for this; lack of proper surroundings, office mobility, ringing phones, incoming e-mails, and social media applications generates a distraction. Among all these, making a proper business plan, setting priorities, and self-discipline are crucial when talking about running a business.
What if someone reports to us the time we have lost in so many difficulties;
•  We reduce the effect of concentration-dispersing factors.

•  We can prevent uneven distribution of workload.
•  We can be aware of where to focus on time management.

•  We can determine the time we allocate to projects and estimate the cost.

Key Features

•  Store a list of hardware components, observe changes.

•  Keep the inventory of operating system and application software.

•  Automate your software and hardware inventory.

•  Easily obtain the software usage statistics.
•  Execute more accurate purchasing decisions by using actual usage information.

•  Get rid of unnecessary software purchases.

•  Prevent the utilization of unlicensed software.

•  Be aware of any application may threaten your information security.

Behavioral Pattern

Obtaining a software inventory eases the jobs of IT chiefs, however, it doesn't provide enough information to manage software purchasing operations. BiTime consists of a heuristic algorithm that is called "Behavioral Pattern". This technology detects whether the software is being used rather than installed or not. It distinguishes the purpose of the software as editing or viewing, then collects clean data. Hence, it draws a conclusion about the efficiency of software usage.

Remote Working

Remote working has become an important part of business life. Statement of working hours has become very difficult for employees who do not work in the office. Bitime gathers information on working activities and durations for the people working on computers. It takes this burden off the people by automatically reporting the working information. In this way, the count of working hours becomes fully flexible with a focus on measuring the actual efficient production time instead of just time limitations.

Keep Inventory

•  Auto-collect hardware elements.

•  Keep track of changes in hardware.

• Plan your hardware maintenance easily.
•  Supervise your installed software inventory.

•  Conduct your purchasing plans.

•  Manage your embezzlement, scrapping, and replacements.

Collecting Usage Information

•  Monitor the frequency of the installed software at the user scale.

•  Differentiate the editing and viewing times on software usage.

•  Report idle software.
•  Save on the software cost by not renewing the licenses of the users who are under a specific usage period time.

•  Evaluate the purchase demands according to software usage information not to pay redundant license fees.

Store Working Statements

•  Create reports on the time allocation on work of employees.

•  Determine the time spent on computers or other work tools by workers.

•  Build a sustainable workflow by creating corporate records automatically.
•  Measure the time spent on unit-work basis like using a computer for a contract arrangement or a designing, then perform cost analysis accordingly.

•  Ensure even distribution of workload to maintain employee satisfaction.

•  Identify the differences between employees who perform similar jobs for different periods of time, and increase their performance by training.
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