Bilimp Personal Data tool is the most comprehensive software developed to facilitate the Legal and Technical processes required for compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law in institutions and companies and to provide a sustainable structure.

Personal Data Management Tool

  • Compliance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) No. 6698 is not a one-time process; its legal and technical obligations require continuity.
  • Bilimp Personal Data Protection Law Tool is the most comprehensive software developed to facilitate the Legal and Technical processes required for compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law in institutions and companies and to provide a sustainable structure.
  • Bilimp complies with international software and management standards (SPICE, 27001, 9001). It has Domestic Goods and Technological Product Experience certificates.

Compliance Monitoring Tool

Measure your KVKK compliance with the "Compliance Monitoring Tool."

  • Bilimp’s “Compliance Monitoring” tool measures your Personal Data Protection Law compliance.
  • Displays and reports your compliance status with a graphical interface.
  • It makes it easy to see and manage the steps you have completed after each improvement throughout the compliance process.

KVKK Wizard

Ensure fast and easy compliance with the "KVKK Wizard".

  • "KVKK Wizard" teaches you step by step how to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law and the administrative and technical measures you should take for data security.
  • It provides information about the terms and concepts in the law, explains the advantages of managing the compliance process with Bilimp.
  • It is not only an instructor but also a executer. It opens the relevant menus for the operations that need to be done at each step, and assigns tasks.

Use Bilimp, the most comprehensive software, which facilitates mandatory Legal and Technical processes for compliance with Personal Data Protection Law and provides a sustainable structure.



Manage KVKK organization with Bilimp.

  • Bilimp includes an organization screen where you can track Persons responsible for the management of Personal Data Protection Law processes in your institution (contact person, committee, data processor) and the terms of their duties or contracts.
  • Controls the periods that require legal follow-up such as notification of data controller and contact person changes to the institution within 7 days and responding to data subject applications within 30 days.
  • Bilimp Intelligent Notification Center "Biri" informs the contact person for data subject applications and legal entity changes, in case of a change of contact person, informs the person concerned with the data you define on Bilimp.
  • It prevents penalties that may arise due to forgetting and delay.

Personal Data Inventory

Create your personal data inventory in detail.

  • Bilimp offers a menu where the personal data inventory of the Institution or Company can be prepared in detail.

  • Thanks to this menu, the work done and the department that processes the data, Relevant Person group, Data category, processed personal data, Storage environment, Storage period, time of destruction, Purpose of processing, legal justification, measures taken, Domestic and international transmission media data are easily defined and managed.

  • With the selections made from ready-made data sets suitable for VERBIS provided by Bilimp, the VERBIS summary part of the inventory is completed quickly.

Personal Data Inventory

  • The Bilimp data inventory menu also includes additional fields that allow you to map your institution’s personal data.
  • Departments where data is shared within the organization,
  • Regarding data stored in digital media devices, softwares,
  • Brief location information for data stored in the physical environment,
  • Transfer modes for the transferred data, periods and the reason for the transfer are the fields added to the Bilimp data inventory for this purpose.
  • In case the processed personal data is sensitive personal data or data is transferred abroad, contact person is informed by Biri notifications in the direction of obtaining explicit consent from the data subject group. It facilitates the fulfillment and follow-up of legal sanctions.

Personal Data Document Management

Easily create, publish and revise documents related to personal data management.

  • Policies and procedures regarding personal data management and data security, disclosure, explicit consent documents, disciplinary regulations and confidentiality agreements, etc. Creating documents, publishing them and following their revisions are easily done with the Bilimp menus.
  • After each revision, the old dated document is archived. The newly published document is announced to the employees of the target audience with Biri-Smart Notification Center notifications.

Prepare the "Clarification Text" and KVKK "Relevant Person Application" environment.

  • Grup Şirketleri, Holding, Kamu Kurumu gibi yerlerde ve dağınık lokasyonlardaki tüm şirket veya kurumlarda “Aydınlatma Metinleri”ni tek yerden yönetin.

  • Aydınlatma metinlerini farklı ilgili kişi grupları, şirketler veya lokasyonlar için Bilimp menülerini kullanarak hazırlayın. Hazırladığınız metinlerin revizyonlarını takip edin.

  • Bilimp tarafından oluşturulan linkleri web sayfanıza yerleştirerek web sayfanızda yayınlayın. Ziyaretçiler için kullanılacak aydınlatma metinleri için “Ziyaretçi Paneli”nden, toplantılarda kullanılacak aydınlatma metinleri için “Katılımcı Paneli”nden ve hizmet/ürün alacak kişiler veya genel kullanım alanları için “Aydınlatma Paneli”n den faydalanın.

  • Bilimp panellerinin size sağladığı çoklu dil avantajını kullanın. Özellikle hastaneler, oteller ve konferanslar gibi yabancı dile ihtiyaç duyulan alanlarda aydınlatma yükümlülüğünü farklı dillerde gerçekleştirin.

Clarification and Explicit Consent Transactions

Provide the Clarification and Explicit Consent processes for different Companies, Locations, Data Subject Groups through different environments in multilingual format.

Management of Different Companies, Locations and Data Subject Groups

Prepare clarification texts for different companies and different data subject groups.

  • Bilimp allows to define multiple companies within a single application and jointly manage the Personal Data Protection Law process.
  • It allows you to create multiple clarification texts for the same group of people to be used for different purposes and to be published in different environments.
  • It follows the changes made on the clarification text with revisions. It preserves the link between the clarification text in the broadcast and the old dated texts.
  • It manages the clarification obligation and, if necessary, the explicit consent processes as a whole.

Clarification, Explicit Consent and Data Subject Application Management for Web

Prepare the “Clarification Text” environment on your Web Sites.

  • When you bring the clarification text you created to publishing status, Bilimp embeds it on your web page and creates a web link that you can use.
  • Clarification texts on your web pages are published directly, if the text is revised, your web page is updated without requiring a second action.
  • Clarification texts prepared with multi-language support are shown to the visitors of the web page in the selected language.
  • For data processing that requires explicit consent, the explicit consent of the data subject group is carried out from your web page.
  • An environment is created where data subjects can apply.

Clarification/Explicit Consent Panels for Counters

Perform the clarification and explicit consent processes in a multilingual manner.

  • Bilimp panel software can be used on all tablets using the Android operating system.
  • Panels allow easy execution of Clarification Texts and Explicit Consent in places with a counter.
  • The clarification texts can be displayed in different languages with multi-language selection.

Clarification/Explicit Consent Panels for Visitors and Meeting Attendees

  • Bilimp visitor registration and meeting attendee panel software runs on tablets with Android operating system.
  • Clarification texts prepared separately for the “visitors” and “meeting attendees” are displayed on the panels, and if necessary, explicit consent is taken.
  • The clarification obligation is provided in different languages with the multi-language selection.
  • Transactions made through visitor registration and meeting attendee panels are also carried out touchless in accordance with COVID-19 measures.

Use Bilimp which is the most comprehensive software developed to facilitate the Legal and Technical processes required for compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law and to provide a sustainable structure.


Clarification/Explicit Consent Procedures for Online Meeting Attendees

Conduct your online meetings in accordance with KVKK processes.

  • Bilimp allows you to create custom clarification texts for the "online meeting attendee" contact group.
  • In online meetings created through the Bilimp calendar, a link is sent to the meeting attendees.
  • Attendees who click the link are shown the clarification text before opening the meeting session, explicit consent is obtained, and then they are allowed to join the online meeting.
  • Clarification texts created for online meeting attendees are also multilingual like other clarification texts and attendees can view texts with language selection.

Explicit Consent Transactions

  • In matters such as processing or transferring sensitive personal data, Bilimp manages your explicit consent process regarding your activities that require the explicit consent of the data subject group.
  • Every environment (websites and panels) provided to you by Bilimp in order to fulfill the obligation of clarification is also an environment of explicit consent.
  • Explicit consent texts are generated within the Bilimp menus.
  • Which explicit consent text will be associated with which clarification text, is selected in the definition page of clarification text.
  • With this selection, the link that Bilimp automatically generates to be published on your web page, is formed in a way that leads to the process step of explicit consent.
  • Explicit consent transactions are made with the SMS verification of the data subject.
  • The received approvals with the information of approving person, date, time, name of the explicit consent document approved by the person and the content of the document are entered into the explicit consent transaction menu and automatically saved.

Data Subject Application

Create the KVKK "Data Subject Application" environment, prepare the answer letters.

  • Bilimp ensures that you properly prepare the application environment for the data subject that you are legally obliged to prepare. The web links, visitor, attendee and counter panels where the clarification texts are published are also the “Personal Data Protection Law Application” environment for data subject.
  • Applications made through the panels or the website are automatically saved in the application menu of the data subject.
  • In every registration that is automatically added to the application menu or made manually in personal applications, contact person and data subject are automatically informed by the notification of Biri-Smart Notification Center.
  • “Data subject Applications” are answered through the Bilimp menus. Bilimp sends Biri notifications to the contact person and data subject regarding unanswered applications by reminding the legal period of 30 days.

Anonymize Data Subject Application

Anonymize personal data automatically.

  • Bilimp automatically anonymizes the existing data of the accepted applicant in its own database with the Anonymize menu of data subject menu.

  • Anonymization is not a deregistration.

  • It is the process of turning the person into an unidentified person and leaving the relevant record to be used as a statistical data.

Data Transfer Records

Record data transfers.

  • Bilimp includes a menu of data transfer records that allows the department to record personal data that is periodically transferred or shared on request.
  • The data transfer records facilitate to detect a data breach that may arise from the institution with which the data is shared.
  • After each registration added by the transferring department to the data transfer menu, Bilimp automatically informs the contact person with Biri notifications.

KVKK Data Violation

Record data breaches with Bilimp menus.

  • In the event of a data breach, Bilimp contains a data breach menu where you can save the details of the breach notification.
  • The data breach menu allows you to add all the details of the date the breach occurred, the date it was detected, the number of people affected, the number of records, the data category, and the person group.
  • It contains the details of the information you have given to the institution and the affected persons.
  • It protects the link between the follow-up notifications made to the personal data protection institution and the first notification.

KVKK Management Panel

Asset and Risk Management

Identify the most important risks in terms of information security.

  • Bilimp includes an asset and risk management menu where you can define your information assets and the risks on these assets.
  • The asset definition includes selections for the class, type, department that owns the asset, and the degree of criticality.
  • The foreseen risks for the created asset are added separately.
  • In risk value calculation, calculates the importance of the risk with the parameters of confidentiality, integrity, accessibility for the information asset.
  • Calculates the value of risk with impact and severity values.

Offer online KVKK awareness educations to your employees with Bilimp.

  • Fulfill legal obligations on personal data and information security with 5 ready-made education videos.
  • Record the dates your personnel attended the education, define the period for the educations that need to be repeated.
  • Continuously show your staff the education content until they attend the education.
  • Show the educations to the new employee automatically.
  • Facilitate periodic education repetitions with reusable education materials.
  • Show the educations only to related audience by selecting a target audience on the basis of company, department, or task.
  • Thanks to the mobile application feature, facilitate to train field workers.

KVKK and Personal Data

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