Organize your employees’ educations in regular manner with online educations.
Make your employees’ in-company and in-house education effective, fast and result-oriented with the Bilimp “Education Tool”. While saving “time”, reduce your “costs” and bring your corporate productivity to the next level.

With the Education Tool;

  • Provide regular education to your employees.
  • Facilitate to plan and track educations.
  • Ensure the continuity of the education processes of your staff who are working remotely.
  • Create an educational environment independent of time and place.
  • Reduce your company’s audit and control costs.
  • Make your employees aware of personal data and information security.

Institutionalize your educations

  • Fulfill legal obligations on personal data and information security with 5 ready-made education videos.
  • Record the dates your personnel attended the education, define the period for the educations that need to be repeated.
  • Continuously show your staff the education content until they attend the education.
  • Show the educations to the new employee automatically.
  • Facilitate periodic education repetitions with reusable education materials.
  • Show the educations only to related audience by selecting a target audience on the basis of company, department, or task.
  • Thanks to the mobile application feature, facilitate to train field workers.

Online Education Videos


What is Personal Data Education


What is Sensitive Personal Data Education


What is Explicit Consent Education


Clarification Obligation Education


Information Security Education
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