Regularise the training of your employees with online trainings.

With Bilimp "Training Tool", make your employees' company and in-house trainings effective, fast and result-oriented. Reduce your "costs" while saving "time" and maximise your corporate efficiency.
Provide orientation training to your employees when they start work or show training videos according to the training plan you define periodically, apply online exams with the question types you wish. Publish to the target audience from the sharing centre, send notifications via Biri.

Have Bilimp Monitor the Training of Your Personnel

Define orientation trainings, and when new personnel start work, trainings and exams are automatically displayed. The trainings specified in the training plan or periodically will be sent to the target audience by Bilimp and you will only have to review the reports.

Publish Trainings According to Target Audience

Determine the target audience for the training videos you prepare. You can choose who should receive them from within Bilimp. You can publish customised trainings based on company, department, person groups or users.

Mobile Application

Provide training to your field workers easily with Bilimp Mobil, which you can download free of charge from the App Store, Play Store and Huawei App Gallery stores.

Schedule Your Trainings on a Calendar

  • Plan in advance which trainings the personnel will receive during the year according to the calendar you have made.
  • Notify me when it's time to train.
  • View the results of training completers and test takers.

Administer Online Quizzes

  • If you wish, prepare questions related to the training content and have them shown to your staff after the training.
  • Set a passing limit and view who scored how many points.
  • Ensure that your staff who do not get enough points are retrained.

Easy Reporting

  • Report trainings, training plans, exam participants, success scores weekly, monthly or annually via the report screen.
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