Customize your business processes.
Bilimp includes ready-made automations as well as a visual process design tool that allows you to create your own processes.

Process Automation

  • Bilimp process automation reduces the need for code development.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface. Changes are easily implemented.
  • Processes are designed easily with drag and drop technology.
  • Creating processes with process trigger and action selection is extremely simple.
  • Processes can be triggered when a record is created, on record change, before, after or periodically depending on the date fields.
  • Conditional processes can be defined. Approvals can be defined.
  • At the end of the process, task assignment can be made by Biri notification, SMS or e-mail.
  • The content in the actions of the process can be created dynamically.
  • Allows to make target audience selection for actions. In this way, it is selected to whom the Biri notification, SMS, e-mail notification or task assignment will be made.
  • The target audience can also be defined dynamically depending on the process.
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