Easily obtain and store location-based entry and exit information of your personnel.

Track your attendance completely on the web, report with a single click, without the need for any software or hardware.
Manage entry and exit processes efficiently in the field, your scattered teams, and multi-branch businesses. Without the need for any PACS device, attendance can be done at the locations you define via the mobile application, and this information is automatically stored in Bilimp.

Easily Manage Disorganized Teams

View the location information received at the entrance and exit on the map, and view where your teams are working that day with a holistic view.

Location Based Attendance

Attendance can only be done within the working positions and radius you specify. Thus, keep track of personnel in scattered work areas without the need for any device.

Mobile Application

Make your entry and exit processes with the mobile application that you can download for free from iOS, Android and Huawei App Gallery stores.

Why Do You Need Attendance Tracking Program?

If your employees are small, calculating attendance using the notebook or Excel method may not take much time, but it still requires a workforce. With the Bilimp attendance tool, you save time and labour while recording your data securely. With this solution designed to meet the needs of your business, you can automatically access your personnel's attendance calculations quickly and accurately. You can easily track the entry and exit of your scattered field employees.

Detailed Reports

  • With the reports you get daily, weekly and monthly you can store your attendance reports.

Regulation According to Approval

  • In case of any missing or wrong attendance entry, changes are made in accordance with the approval mechanism you will determine.

Task Exit - Return

  • A personnel that is assigned outside the workplace during the day. Exits the task with a description entry and can return to the task he/she was working on when the task is completed.

Working Hours Calculation

  • In the report that you will create, track missing or overtime work based on the working hours defined in Bilimp according to the entry and exit times of your personnel.
  • Perform overtime calculations with higher accuracy.


  • If you wish, integration can be provided between your turnstile devices and Bilimp attendance tool.
  • Your data can be easily entered into Bilimp
Bilimp Mobile AttendanceBiometric Attendance SystemsCard Attendance Systems
Legal ComplianceSuitableCannot be used due to violation of Law No. 6698Suitable
Initial Investment CostNoneHighMedium and High
Sustainability costNoneMiddleHigh
Compliance with the Remote Work systemSuitableNot availableNot available
Compliance with Field Personnel ManagementSuitableNot availableNot available
Installation cost in multiple locationsNoneHighHigh
Security against abuseHighHighLow
Ease of Adding New StaffEasyZorEasy
Level of suitability for different needsHighLowLow
Two-Factor VerificationPossibleNoneNone
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