Arrange Appointments and Meetings 
Create your meetings, manage your meeting rooms and visitors with Bilimp

Meeting Arrangements, Meeting Rooms and Catering


Creating an Appointment or a Meeting

Personnels can quickly create meetings or appointments with Bilimp Meeting Management through web or mobile. Time, attendees and meeting room is selected, then attendees can be informed by SMS, e-mail or Biri notification. Responses to meeting invitations can be requested if needed.


Meeting Room Management

The meeting Rooms can be managed and meeting records are created. Rooms can be registered to the system with all their technical and capacity features. The status of being vacant or occupied can be viewed by the personnel. The process of reserving the hall can be subject to approval or authorization. In addition, with Android-based panels that can be placed outside the meeting halls; meeting room availability status, meeting name and time can be shown.


Online meetings

Online meetings can be scheduled with Bilimp Meeting Management. The joining link and login password of the created meeting can be sent to the people who are invited to the meeting. 


Catering Management

With Bilimp Meeting Management, the users can organize everything from registration creations to hall reservation while also managing catering. Institutions or companies can define meeting amenities parametrically according to their own applications. Different catering call points can be defined for each hall. Catering orders can be given over Android based catering panels as well as WEB and mobile application. 

Advanced Features


Integrated Calender

Advanced calendar features, appointments and meetings can be easily created via mobile or web software thanks to Bilimp. Changed events can be easily updated on the calendar with the drag and drop feature. Bilimp users can share their calendars with their managers or teammates and authorize them for use. Calendars are available in weekly or monthly view.


Meeting Agenda Decisions and Tasks

Bilimp Meeting Management users can create meetings in conjunction of agenda. Decisions made during meetings can be recorded into the meeting log. Meeting decisions can be easily traced, recorded, and forwarded to attendees by a single operation.


Meeting Announcements

Meeting announcements can be forwarded to in-house attendees by Biri notification, SMS, or e-mail, and to external attendees via SMS and e-mail. The company address and map link can also be easily forwarded to external attendees.


Registration via Attendee Panel

It is easier to monitor the attendees, with the “attendee code” technology developed by Bilimp, especially in crowded meetings. The attendees can swiftly make meeting registrations with the attendee code sent by SMS to their mobile phones. The meeting registration of foreign attendees can be made easy thanks to Bilimp's multi-language support. English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Azerbaijani languages are already available. Attendee records are stored electronically and reported whenever needed.


Get Pictures of Attendees for High Security Monitoring

Bilimp technology offers the opportunity to register meeting attendees with pictures for institutions or companies that require high security. The attendee is registered by taking a photo via the camera on the touch panel, during the registration process.


Meeting Room Exterior Panel

Bilimp offers Android-based software that can be used outside meeting halls and/or person rooms without the need for other software. The availability status of the meeting hall or person room, meeting name, duration, and starting time of the next meeting are displayed on these panels accordingly.


Catering Management Panels

Having an excellent catering management for an efficient meeting is quite essential. The attendees can easily order refreshments from the desktop meeting desk panel or via the Bilimp web and mobile application. Ordered treats are displayed and managed on the catering management touch panel.


Single Application for All Panels

Bilimp users can use the “Propanel” Android tablet application free of charge according to the plans they purchased and use it on any device they wish to. Thus, attendees can easily set up and manage their meeting hall and catering panels just by a single application.

What are the benefits of the appointment and meeting management system for your business?

Builds up your company image & corporate profile

Reveals your professionalism with the   “E-mail” and “SMS” notifications sent to the visitor before the appointment and meetings.

Improves your customer relations effectively

Improves your customer relations which leads to sales increase, with the right planning and productive meetings.

Increases the productivity of your workplace & employee

You can easily manage your meetings inside or outside the company in just a few steps from a single point with the mobile application.
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