Discover the Easy Way to Manage Human Resources

A business tool that facilitates the management of Personnel Personnel, Work-Internship Applications and Leave Entry and Accrual.
As organisations grow, it becomes more difficult to manage personnel data. Keeping track of personnel personnel, who is on leave, job and internship applications coming to your institution from dozens of files creates a huge workload.

The Human Resources tool allows you to follow up all these with a single software for you. Do not get lost in dozens of personal files with the Human Resources tool. Lighten your workload, save time.

Personnel Personnel Tracking

Make detailed follow-up of personnel personal information from a single screen.
Discover the easy way of personnel personnel follow-up.

Leave Tracking

View the personnel on leave in your institution, for what purpose, how many hours of leave were taken.
Discover the easy way to view who has Permissions.

Job and Internship Applications

Easily manage Human Resources processes from application to recruitment.
The easy way to manage Job and Internship Application processes.

Identity, Employment, Personal and Education Information

  • Record personnel information in detail.
  • Easily access the trainings your personnel have received and the projects they are involved in.
Managing personnel personal data from a single database is very important in terms of workload and time saving in enterprises and institutions.

The fact that personnel information is kept in different files in the digital environment and the data are independent from each other is an obstacle to the digitalisation of human resources management. Bilimp associates data with each other on a single platform and provides time and convenience to business management.

Leave Entry, Leave Accrual and Personnel Attendance

  • View petition dates, leave start and end dates, leave types from a single screen.
  • Keep track of the hours between which your personnel are on leave and for what purpose they use their leave.
  • View your staff's total leave time, accrued leave and how much leave time is left.
  • Keep track of personnel scorecards.
  • Easily integrate with your Attendance Payroll Device or enter scorecards from mobile with Bilimp Mobil.
Use Bilimp to facilitate personnel leave entries and follow-up of accrued leaves. The number of days of leave of which personnel can be viewed by managers and personnel both on mobile and web. 

Easily keep track of the personnel's payroll entries, the time at which payroll entries are made, and the payroll of the personnel who go on duty with Bilimp. View on a single screen and save time.

Job and Internship Applications

  • Follow up job and internship applications.
  • Follow up the referral of potential candidates to the relevant departments.
  • Easily keep track of the source description of the application and records of actions taken on it.

Keeping the data on a single platform saves time for organisations in terms of finding the data when requested.

When Human Resources data are associated with each other, they gain value and add value to organisations.

Displaying the remaining permits with the mobile application provides easy leave management to the personnel in organisations.

Job and internship applications are displayed on a single screen and transferred to the relevant units.

With proxy management, the duties and responsibilities of the personnel on leave are easily transferred to the relevant person.

Automatically generated organisation chart provides a bird's eye view of your business.

Shift Management

  • Identify the start and end times of shifts in your organisation and the personnel involved.
  • Define shift types and weekly holidays specific to your organisation.

Proxy Management

  • Identify the personnel who will deputise each other in your organisation and define them with Bilimp..
  • Assign Bilimp tasks and responsibilities automatically in case of leave etc.

Creating Organisation Chart

  • Define personnel, departments, etc. and Bilimp automatically creates your organisation chart based on position..
  • View the organisation chart of your organisation at different dates and examine how your chart has been shaped.
  • With Bilimp, examine your organisation chart on the basis of managers, departments and departmental staff.
  • Adjust the level of data analysis according to position types, do not deal with unnecessary detail.

Your Personnel Data on a Single Platform

Having your data in a single database, i.e. on a single platform, creates benefits for your organisation in terms of time saving and efficiency.
  • You can obtain human resources payroll reports, leave reports and personnel reports with a single click.
  • Thanks to the associated data, your personnel data allows you to fulfil different tasks with Bilimp's other business tools.
  • You save time in searching, finding and transmitting your data and manage your business with ease.
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