Get instant notification of all information about your company. Know and manage easily with the smart notification centre.
Receive notifications in 27 different categories with Biri on both mobile and web, experience the difference of knowing with instant notifications.
With Bilimp's smart notification centre "BİRİ", notifications in your workflow will reach you and Biri will follow your work for you. All developments, from authorisation to purchase, come to your mobile phone as instant notifications.

Authorisation Based Notification

Biri's smart notifications are limited only to those you are interested in. This prevents you from being disturbed by unnecessary notifications.

Don't lose your notifications

Biri's smart notification feature has the ability to star the most important notifications in your business and look back whenever you want. Easily access all notifications at any time.

Mobile Notifications

Make your entries and exits with the mobile application that you can download free of charge from IOS, Android and Huawei App Gallery stores.

Why Do You Need a Smart Notification Centre?

Being instantly informed about all the transactions made in your company is a great need in today's fast life. Thanks to the smart notification centre, you can instantly receive finished tasks, permission and all general requests, working information and dozens of different notifications both on mobile and web. Know and easily manage all the transactions that take place in your business.

Smart Notification Search

  • You can go back to the Notifications you have read and browse the transactions that took place on the relevant date.

Filter Notifications Easily Access

  • Provide a detailed overview of the category you want with the filtering feature of notifications.

Empower Your Processes with One

  • Inform the relevant people when an action is taken thanks to the company processes you have defined in Bilimp.
  • Define approval processes and easily approve them with a single click via mobile.

Never Miss a Notification

  • One categorises unread, reply pending, starred and all notifications for you. Thus, it offers complete management control without allowing any process to be overlooked.
  • With one smart notification tool you know, control and easily manage your work.
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