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Use of the Bilimp Suggestion Management System in the retail industry

The Bilimp Suggestion Management System has a wide usage potential from the retail sector to local governments. Lets take the retail industry, for example. Unlike many other sectors in the retail sector, most of the employees work in the field. From the greengrocer to the delicatessen, all the employees of the department are on the […]

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Contribution of Bilimp Suggestion Management System to local governments

The Bilimp Suggestion Management System has significant benefits for public institutions, especially local governments. For example, let’s consider the cleaners who work in municipalities and are in constant contact with the public. Due to their job descriptions, they are always intertwined with the people living in the region. When appropriate, they listen to requests and […]

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Importance of recommendation management systems for companies

In this article, we will talk about the added value that suggestion management systems, which are an important business tool, that will provide to your company or institution. For example, let’s say your company is growing rapidly. As your business or project volume increases, you provide new employment. This brings the need to manage the […]

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Benefits of Bilimp Suggestion Management System

Bilimp Suggestion Management System is a suggestion tool developed for the employees of companies and institutions in human resources management. It contributes to improving product/service quality in your workplace, reducing costs, increasing employee productivity and developing a sense of belonging in employees. It can be used on smartphones, especially with its mobile application. As for […]

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