Contribution of Bilimp Suggestion Management System to local governments

Contribution of Bilimp Suggestion Management System to local governments

Gülay Soydan Pehlevan

The Bilimp Suggestion Management System has significant benefits for public institutions, especially local governments. For example, let’s consider the cleaners who work in municipalities and are in constant contact with the public.

Due to their job descriptions, they are always intertwined with the people living in the region. When appropriate, they listen to requests and complaints firsthand. They can observe what kind of deficiency there is in which street or neighborhood or what needs to be done.

However, they do not have the opportunity to convey the demands, expectations, complaints and needs they see in the region to the senior management. Likewise, they cannot share the suggestions or ideas they have developed by evaluating the data they have collected. However, in municipalities those closest to the public are the cleaning workers.

The Bilimp Suggestion Management System enables cleaners to make meaningful any data they collect from neighborhoods and streets. It allows the residents of the region to turn their requests, expectations and complaints into opinions or suggestions quickly and easily with Bilimp’s mobile suggestion tool.

While making the suggestion, he/she can hide his/her identity in searches and evaluations. He/She can present his/her detailed suggestions for the evaluation, comments and appreciation for the people who want to form an idea. Additional files and photos can be added . Voice suggestions can be automatically translated into text. He/she can also prepare reports related to his/her area of responsibility.

As he/she sees that his/her ideas and suggestions are valued, his sense of belonging to the institution develops. Work quality and productivity increase.

Thus, the municipalities will be able to learn the complaints and demands of the people of the region through the most accurate channel ,namely by means of the cleaning staff. In line with the opinions and suggestions received, they can implement the most appropriate projects. This increases the quality of service, which is their biggest goal.

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