What is Remote Work? How to Provide Remote Working with Bilimp?

What is Remote Work? How to Provide Remote Working with Bilimp?

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What is Remote Work?

Remote work is the name given to the fact that the business processes related to the production and service process of an enterprise can be carried out away from the physical center of the enterprise, by means of technological and digital tools, systems and infrastructures.

In remote working, an employee can continue the work and he/she monitors and controls while physically he/she is not at the company headquarters, with the technological and digital infrastructure owned or used by the company, with opportunities similar to the conditions of being in the business center.

While remote working does not bring any loss in terms of work efficiency, a remote work model (remote work model) with a well-established infrastructure and positioned with the right choices can even increase work efficiency and profitability.


What is the Difference Between Remote Working and Working from Home?

Although it is observed that it is used in a similar definition with remote work from time to time, “work from home” and “remote work” are separate concepts and definitions. While being within the scope of remote working, “working from home” includes a more general usage and definition.

While remote working necessarily requires working in conjunction with a physical company/corporate headquarters, working from home does not necessarily cover this requirement.

While working from home is mostly common among jobs and professions in the service sector, a person has the opportunity to work for more than one company or institution by working from home.


Remote Working with Bilimp

With Bilimp’s innovative technology, companies or institutions can manage their communications, documents and processes remotely. Offering the opportunity to use more than 20 tools on a single platform and with a cloud infrastructure, Bilimp provides all the tools a business needs in its business process.

Accessing Data from Anywhere with Cloud Infrastructure

Bilimp works with cloud technology infrastructure. Employees of the business or institution can easily access their data and information about business processes from anywhere they want. At the same time, Bilimp protects all data of the company or institution with high encryption technology with high security.


Location Independent Working with Mobile Application

With the mobile application of Bilimp, business processes can be tracked, controlled and managed without being dependent to any place. Employees of companies or institutions can maintain their communication securely with Bilimp mobile, wherever they are, with “Bimesaj” and “Sharing Center”.

One Software Instead of Many

Thanks to Bilimp ,communication, document and process management is carried out through a single software that includes all these tools instead of using multiple software separately.

The tools required for the entire business process are easily provided within a single platform. While providing data security from a single point, it increases the efficiency of the business by increasing communication and interaction among employees. Regardless of where the employees are, all these processes can be performed remotely.


One-Click Video Conferencing

With Bilimp’s Zoom and Skype integration, online meetings can be held easily via video conferencing software that is already integrated. Video interviews can be made with employees or customers using these integrated video tools, and the business process can be maintained in an integrated manner with Bilimp.

With the powerful integration of Bilimp, a conversation with the relevant person or selected group within the Bilimp software can be started immediately, without getting bogged down in details, with one click.


Assigning and Managing Remote Tasks

With the “Task Tool”, one of Bilimp’s integrated tools, employees can easily be assigned tasks remotely and their processes can be followed instantly. Projects can be defined with the task tool, and project managers can be determined on the basis of departments without any problems. Thus, the flow of business processes and their realization rates can be observed, and the necessary interventions can be made by easily monitoring the malfunctions remotely.

Integrated Data Creation Opportunity

Since Bilimp provides all transactions related to communication, documents and processes in the business process through a single platform, it provides easy control of all data within the enterprise or institution from a single point, enables analysis and segmentation of data. With integrated data control, it becomes easier to measure the performance and quality of processes, and analyze operating efficiency and profitability.


Easy Reporting with Work Information Tool

With Bilimp’s “Work Information Tool”, the reporting and management of all work done inside and outside the company can be easily followed by remote working. Telephone calls, customer visits and conversations can be recorded as working information.

Photo or file can be attached to your work information. At the end of the day, both the employee and the manager can easily monitor the work done. From the retrospective work information records, it is possible to access the details of the work done at any time or for a company.


Scoring card Entry From Anywhere

Scoring card tracking, which is extremely important for businesses or institutions, can be done from anywhere with Bilimp mobile devices, and possible disruptions can be prevented.

With Bilimp scoring card tracking, work can be managed remotely without any loss of rights, labor, effort, and without causing mistakes.



Ensuring Staff Communication and Coordination

With the “Bimesaj” and “Sharing Center”, Bilimp tools, the employees of the business or institution can instantly communicate wherever they are. All shares are protected by Bilimp’s strong encryption technology and all communication data is stored in a secure structure due to the use of an integrated infrastructure.

At the same time, since all communication and sharing takes place on a single platform, there is no disruption in the coordination between departments and project teams.


Access to Company and Institution Documents from Anywhere

Articles, tables, e-mails and all documents related to company and corporate processes are stored in the cloud through Bilimp and protected by encryption technology. Company or institution representatives can access these documents whenever they want, wherever they are. By remote working, they can share these documents with their employees, departments and project teams with Bimesaj.


Being able to do remote education

With Bilimp's "Online Education Tool", the company or institution can provide remote education to its employees. Planning and tracking of trainings can be realised easily.

By creating a training environment independent of time and place, the continuity of the training processes of the personnel working remotely is ensured. Thanks to the mobile application, trainings can be carried out remotely without interruption, no matter where the employees are.

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