You are invited to our Request & Suggestion Tool Training.

You are invited to our Request & Suggestion Tool Training.

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Do you want to easily manage all your requests, from per diem, vehicle to stationery, from your team members? With Bilimp, all demands can now be managed from a single point.

How to use the "Demand Tool" that makes your job easier to manage the demand cycle?
Is it possible to make demands with Bilimp mobile application?

Have you met bilimp "Suggestion Tool", which offers a golden opportunity to receive, evaluate and implement the recommendations of your employees? You can use the Bilimp "Recommendation Tool" to ensure the right business models are developed and save costs, so that all recommendations reach the required departments.

How to use the "Suggestion tool"? What processes do the recommendations go through and how are they evaluated? Can recommendations be made with Bilimp mobile application?

For answers to these questions, we welcome you to our "Request & Suggestion" tool training between 10:00 and 11:00 on 22.06.2021.

To become one of the limited edition participants, you can register by clicking on the link below:

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