The importance of mobile instant messaging in business life

The importance of mobile instant messaging in business life

Tülay Akın

Before smartphones, the only way to text from mobile was SMS. The concept of instant messaging first appeared on mobile in 2005. This was a milestone in the history of digital communication. While mobile messaging, which works over Wi-Fi or mobile internet, was used for chat purposes at first, in line with the developments of the applications ,sharing photos, videos and files became possible

Today, mobile messaging applications have more than 5 billion active users. It is especially preferred because it provides fast and easy communication. Of course, this is not the only reason. Message groups can be established, mass messages can be sent. You can even see whether the message has been read or not. It is preferred not only for chatting but also for business meetings. Most companies run some of their business from message groups. At this point, there is an important issue that we need to highlight. Although mobile messaging has become indispensable for most companies, it is a fact that these applications are not really business tools.

Well, wouldn’t you want it to happen?

Think about that , your company has its own mobile messaging app. You make your internal communication easily and quickly. You can instant message with your employees and set up message groups.

Moreover, all your shares are safe with encryption technology. Company documents never go out. Correspondence cannot be followed even if it is checked from the database.

Since the messaging application is only open to the institution and not used outside of business meetings, there is no risk of unread or lost messages.

Again, since it is only open to the in-house, there is zero chance of falsely sharing with other employees or messaging groups.

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