Let's meet in bilimp "Meeting Management Tool" Training!

Let's meet in bilimp "Meeting Management Tool" Training!

Hande Vatansever

Meeting processes have never been easier!

When you note a meeting, your calendar will notify other participants instantly, sending location information of its future to your mobile phone as SMS? What if he booked the meeting room and reminded you of "SOMEONE" when the time came?

When you think about it all together, isn't all these details that can happen with one record a dream? Not really, it's all possible with Bilimp "Meeting Management Tool"!

To share with you how to create meetings and appointments, how to reserve halls and even how to carry out catering management, the indispensable element of your meetings, let's meet in our "Meeting Management Tool" Training, which we will organize at 10:00 on Tuesday, July 13th!

You can register by clicking on the link below to be among our limited number of participants.

Click here to register


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