How does the Bilimp Meeting and Hall Management System work?

How does the Bilimp Meeting and Hall Management System work?

Tülay Akın

Imagine that you manage your meetings as a whole, from the pre-meeting notifications by e-mail and SMS to the reservation of the meeting room. In fact, while the meeting is going on, you can send a message to the call points, for tea or coffee service for the participants.

It would be nice, wouldn't it?

The image and corporate quality of your business would increase. You would manage your customer relations in the best way by making the right planning and efficient meetings.

In short , Bilimp Meeting and Hall Management System is a professional business tool developed in line with these needs. It meets a great need especially in smart open and virtual offices that are becoming widespread rapidly.

Let’s examine its skills together...

- Appointments and meetings, can be easily created by in-house calendar tool and outside the institution via the calendar in the mobile application.

- Meeting information is sent to external participants via e-mail and SMS and in-house participants via digital assistant BIRI.

- External meeting is automatically notified to the participants by means of visitor/security code, company address and map coordinates

- The subject of the ongoing meetings, meeting dates, times and meeting agendas are followed by means of meeting room management boards.

- Room reservations are made from the meeting room management boards, according to the vacancy and occupancy status of the meeting rooms.

- The availability status of the halls, the start time and the subject of the next meeting can be seen from the outer boards of the meeting room.

- New participants can be added or removed from the meeting room management boards.

- Quick access to personnel and visitor information is provided by means of the meeting room management boards.

- While the meeting is in progress, refreshments for the participants such as tea and coffee are sent to the call points via desktop meeting boards or mobile application.

- The outer panel of the meeting room is managed by entering additional time for ongoing meetings.

- The agenda and decisions of the meetings can be viewed. Assignments for decisions are created automatically.

- Meetings inside and outside the institution are easily managed in a few steps from a single place with the mobile application.

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