Have you met bilimp "Personal Data Management & Training" tools?

Have you met bilimp "Personal Data Management & Training" tools?

Hande Vatansever

With the introduction of the Personal Data Protection Law, KVKK compliance has become mandatory for many institutions. Bilimp KVKK Tool developed by Bilimp for this process, which needs to be analyzed and monitored very well, is the most comprehensive software developed to facilitate mandatory legal and technical processes and provide a sustainable structure.

How to use Bilimp Personal Data Management tool, what ways to follow during use?
How does your institution become lawful thanks to the KVKK tool?
How can you carry out the trainings you need to give to your staff with Bilimp in this process?

We will answer the answers to these questions for you between 10:00 and 11:00 on Tuesday, March 2.

You can register by clicking on the link below for our training where bilimp "Personal Data Management", "Education" and "Computing" tools will be explained:

Click here to register

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