What is the text of “explicit consent” in the KVKK?

What is the text of “explicit consent” in the KVKK?

Gülay Soydan Pehlevan

With the entry into force of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), we have often heard the concept of “explicit consent”. “Explicit consent” is defined in the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION LAW as “consent related to a specific subject, based on information and expressed with free will”.

The expression of consent statement ensures the data subject to the limits, scope and mode of execution of the data that he/she allows to be processed.

On the other hand, without prejudice to the regulations in the legislation, “explicit consent” can be obtained in addition to written text, via electronic media and call centers.

Software compliant with KVKK

Bilimp’s visitor management system is a product developed in accordance with the KVKK. It obtains “explicit consent” from visitors. Companies and institutions that process personal data fulfill their obligations under the KVKK.

You can access detailed information from the link of the contributions provided by the Bilimp Visitor Management System to companies.

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