Bilimp Additional Tools

Fifteen business tools that can work fully integrated can be added to the business tools in the Bilimp Tools. Depending on the increasing user needs, additional users, SMS, additional storage space for cloud use, Panel (Visitor, Meeting, KVKK, etc.) can be added. Bilimp has a flexible structure that can be easily expanded according to user needs.
Project Management
Plan your projects
and follow the steps.

Process Automation

Customize your
business processes.


Create sales offers, monitor sales and salespeople.

Human Resources

Manage human resources
professionally and easily.

Personal Data (KVKK)

Comply with the Personal Data Protection Law.
Get suggestions of
your employees.


Easily manage requests of leave, subsistence, vehicle, etc.


Increase your total quality with
a sustainable quality system.


Make the training of your employees regular.
Administrative Affairs
Record the information of all your administrative affairs.

Information Technology

Easily follow your data processing processes.

Visitor Management

Make the visit management secure and efficient.
Subcontractor Management
Make sure that subcontractor company officials may keep tracking their works.

Corporate Communications

Record your activities on corporate communications.


Use the Bilimp panels during KVKK, visitors, etc. processes.


Inform Bilimp users
via SMS technique.


Inform Bilimp users via SMS technique.
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