Create and edit smart tables.

Manage your business process to meet all your needs with Bilimp's smart table tool, without paying high prices for table creation software.

With the smart Table...

  • Reduce your license costs.
  • Seamlessly open and edit documents created in different programs in the ‘Table’ tool.
  • Allow documents created in the ‘Table’ tool to be opened in different programs and allow them to be used.
  • Access created documents from anywhere.
  • Provide high security and facilitate backup thanks to its cloud storage feature.
  • Archive corporate documents in different formats (presentation, list, etc.) in one place.
  • Easily access users' shared documents with the categorization structure.
  • Create and edit your tables with the visual interface and functions compatible with your usage habits.
  • Share with your contacts via E-mail tool, and share with your colleagues via Bimesaj.
  • Open, edit and use seamlessly in different accounts and spreadsheet tools.
  • Thanks to the cloud storage feature, access the tables you create from anywhere.

Table Tool Properties

Basic Level
FunctionsBilimp Table Tool
Open File
Save As
Cut, Copy, Paste
Undo, Redo
Font Size
Increase/Decrease Font Size
Bold/Italic/Underline Text
Font Color
Fill Color
Insert--> Cell, Row, Column, Sheet, Delete
Auto Sum
Zoom In, Zoom OutIt is done with the zoom in and out feature of the browser.
Edit Page (Rename Page, Move & Copy, Tab Color)
Open Format Cells Window
Clear Formatting
Row Height, Column Width
Hide and Show (Row, Column, Page)
Drawings (Image, Online Image, Shapes, Smartart, Screenshot)Add Image available.
HyperlinkWeb page has hyperlink insertion. Unable to add hyperlink to file on computer.
Symbols, Equation
A--> Z SortAvailable by column.
Workbook Views (Normal, Page Break Preview, Page Layout, Custom Views)
Arrange (Bring Front, Send Back, Selection Pane, Align, Group, Rotate)
Intermediate Level
Format Painter
Alignment (Horizontal, Vertical)
Orientation (90 Degrees)
Decrease-Increase Indent
Wrap Text
Merge and Center
Number Format (Date, Text, Number)
Financial Currency (TRY, Euro)
Percent Style
Comma Style
Decimal Increase-Decrease
From Bottom (Add Page, Delete, Move, Name, Tab Color)
Row-Column Width-Height setting manually
Row-Column Bulk Width, Collapse by Double-Click
Double Click on Formula from Bottom Right Corner and Pull Up
Paste Special
Cell Styles (Ready)
Comments (New Comment, Delete, Previous-Next, Show-Hide Comment, Show All Comments, Show Ink)
Spell Check
Scale in order to Fit (Width, Height, Scale)
Show (Ruler, Formula Bar, Gridlines, Headings)
View, Print Line
Themes (Theme, Color, Font, Effect)
Advanced Level
Editing Custom Lists
Charts (Recommended, Pivochart, Combo Chart)
Mini Charts (Line, Column, Loss-Gain)
Conditional Formatting
Format as Table
Add Fx Function (AutoSum, Recently used, Financial, Math and Trigonometry, Logical, Text, Date and Time, Search and Reference, All Functions)No suggestions on how to use the formula but formulas are available.
Defined Names (Name manager, Define Name, Use in Formula, Create from Selection)
Formula Auditing (Track effecters, Track effecteds, Remove Arrows, Show Formulas, Error Checking, Evaluate Formula)
Watch Window
Calculation (Automatic, Manual, Automatic Except for Data Tables, Calculate Now, Calculate Sheet)
Get External Data (from Access, Web, Text, Sql, Xml Data)
Existing Connections
Refresh All Resources
Links (Properties, Edit Links)
A--> Z Sort, Sort by LevelSorting available but no Leveled Sorting.
Filter (Clear, Reapply, Advanced)
Convert Text to Columns
Quick Recharge
Uninstall Refreshed
Data Validation
Situation Analysis (Scenario Manager, Goal Searching, Data Table)
Group, Ungroup
Protect Page
Protect Workbook
Share Workbook
Window (New window, Arrange all, Split, Window Hide-Show, View Side by Side, Synchronous Scrolling, Reset, Switch from window to window)
Freeze Panes (Top Row, First Column, Panes)
Fill Out
Lock Cell
Pivot Table, Suggestions
Print Headings
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