Simplify your document and document tracking.
End document and document complexity in your business, facilitate and accelerate document tracking; strengthen corporate memory.
  • Reduce your license costs.
  • Seamlessly open and edit documents created in different programs in the ‘Text’ and ‘Table’ tool.
  • Allow documents created in the ‘Text’ and ‘Table’ tool to be opened in different programs and and allow them to be used.
  • Access created documents from anywhere.
  • Thanks to its cloud storage feature, provide high security and facilitate backup.
  • Archive corporate documents in different formats (presentation, list, etc.) in one place.
  • With the categorization structure, access to the shared documents of users.

Manage documents from a single center.

  • Gather your company documents in one spot.
  • Control all your corporate documents, including registration documents, regulations, meeting presentation files, projects from a single center.
  • Create categories, add your files in different formats.
  • Thanks to Bilimp’s cloud storage feature, you can access your digitally stored documents while working remotely.

Have you watched our Document Manager video?

Document Management
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