Manage your e-mail communication quickly and securely with Bilimp.
Manage your e-mails in Bilimp; increase “control, speed, security, efficiency” values in your business process while saving on license costs.

Secure Email

  • Send, view, reply, forward, archive your e-mails.
  • Easily access the e-mail addresses of your colleagues, customers or visitors registered in Bilimp.
  • Easily access not only your own address list, but also staff, visitor or customer e-mail addresses in Bilimp.
  • Quickly view attachments in your e-mails with the Bilimp “Text” and “Table” tools.
  • Prepare and share your documents and tables in Bilimp. Use your corporate e-mail even when you are away from work easily and without experiencing any problem.
  • Access your e-mails easily on a single screen without leaving the Bilimp system, increase your working efficiency.
  • If you want, save a copy in your folders in the database, or share with your colleagues with Bimesaj.

Science Mobile

Use on all Android and IOS devices.
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Corporate E-mail
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