Plan, Manage, Report Your R&D Projects.
Create your projects, add Work Packages, identify personnel efforts.

Manage your R&D Center easily.

  • Define your R&D Center established within the scope of Law No. 5746 in accordance with the Ministry of Science and Industry Portal.
  • Register the Biltek portal responsible of the R&D Center.
  • Define your reward system by years, enter your company strategies.
  • Follow your annual audits. Define your R&D Center.
  • Register the reports from the Ministry of Science and Industry at the end of the activity periods.
  • Quickly create your reports regarding the activity periods.

Manage, report, monitor R&D Projects.

  • Define your R&D projects. Enter project activity codes.
  • Follow your domestic or foreign projects by defining the supporting organization and the amount of support.
  • Select which product the project is associated with.
  • Please write the content of the R&D projects in accordance with the Ministry of Science and Industry portal project definition, or in accordance with the Teydep project form.

Track your project budget, monitor your audits and risks.

  • Accelerate project writing with the possibility of entering the project contents by more than one staff at the same time.
  • Include the academics you consulted on your projects.
  • Enter audit times. Add reminders before audits.
  • Define the risks of R&D projects, enter tasks to reduce risks. Watch for risks.

Easily track your personnel effort.

  • Manage your projects on a work package basis.
  • Add your personnel to work on your projects by entering the man/month rate to the work packages.
  • Make your project assignments easily by seeing the remaining efforts of your staff.
  • Define your other costs on the basis of work package.
  • Track both the project budget and your project effort, either on a work package basis or on a project basis.
  • Delay the start and end times of your R&D projects or duplicate your projects to speed up similar project entry.
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