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Bilimp Became the ‘Idea Master’ of YILMADEN

YILMADEN Holding, one of the world’s largest chrome and ferrochrome mineral producer brands, has started to use Bilimp effectively in Eti Krom Company. YILMADEN Holding, which operates at a global level, accelerated the flow of information and documents among its employees on targeted issues at Eti Krom AŞ, made it safe and made it easier […]

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CAE Solutions increased its efficiency in R&D processes with Bilimp

CAE Solutions, which provides R&D, design, special machinery manufacturing, testing and data collection services for important and sensitive sectors such as the defense industry, automotive industry, rail systems and machinery manufacturing industry, significantly improves the speed, safety and efficiency rates in business processes with Bilimp technology. CAE Solutions Founder and General Manager Hakan Oka, who […]

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Digital transformation in Özhan accelerated with Bilimp

Özhan’s journey of “savings, safety, efficiency, profitability”… Özhan Markets Chain, which has dozens of stores and almost thousand employees, made a big breakthrough in the company’s digital transformation process with Bilimp. Özhan, who got rid of many software license costs with Bilimp, increased its corporate performance by combining communication, document and process management on a […]

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Mercanlar Mutfak made meeting and visitor management safe and efficient with Bilimp

Mercanlar, which is among the pioneers of the kitchenware industry with its Renga branded products, has made meeting and visitor management safe and efficient with Bilimp technology and made the management of these matters safe and efficient with Bilimp technology, which is in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law. Cenk Albayrak, Deputy General Manager […]

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Dağlıoğlu Group strengthened the digitalization process with Bilimp technology

Dağlıoğlu Group, which accelerates the digitalization process with Bilimp technology, manages group companies operating in different fields from a single platform. Emphasizing that ‘time’ is the most expensive input for them, Dağlıoğlu Chairman of the Board of Directors Erol Dağlıoğlu says, “Bilimp purchases us time”. Dağlıoğlu Group closely follows innovations in technology and digitalization processes […]

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