Attendee Registration Panel

Attendee Panel Software Features

Attendee RegistrationView upcoming events through the daily schedule of the event venue that the panel is connected to and register attendees for the selected event
Multi-Language OptionMulti-language operation, which allows the attendee to register in all required languages
Clarification TextOpportunity to inform and get approval of attendees about KVKK (personal data protection law), Occupational Safety or other issues (it's parametric and can be turned off if desired)
KVKK ApplicationThe ability of the data subject to apply for KVKK, which is required by the law No. 6698
Attendee CodeFor attendees with an appointment, fast transition with the code sent to the attendee via SMS
Attendee InformationExcept for the Attendee's Name, Surname and Mobile Phone, Getting TR Identity Number, Company, Address, Plate Number, E-Mail Information Parametrically
Shooting PhotoAbility to register attendees with their photos (it is parametric and can be turned off if desired)
Ability to Use Company LogoAbility to use the company's or institution's own logo on the panel screen
Panel Theme Color SelectionParametric structure that can be in the desired color according to user preference
Operating SystemAbility to work on all touch tablets with Android 5.0 and above operating system
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