A great helper for assistants.
Manage phone calls, contact and company information, cargo and shipments.


  • Record incoming phone calls to your institution quickly and easily.
  • In cases where the called person cannot be reached, instantly send call information to personnel via Biri notification and/or as SMS.
  • Prevent communication losses and possible errors with a perfect recording system.
  • Quickly find the phone calls you are looking for using the Bilimp filtering technology or convert them into advanced reports if you wish.

Person and company information

  • Register the people and companies with whom your institution is in constant business relationship or in contact with Bilimp much more easily and securely. Use the ability to register people and companies by grouping them according to their types.
  • Avoid confusion by matching people with companies. Thanks to Bilimp filtering technology, easily reach and report to individuals and companies. Convert reports to xls format if you wish.
  • For duplicate person and company records, use the “merge people” or “merge companies” features to have an accurate data set. Save all current contact and company information with an xls file in seconds for an easy start to Bilimp.
  • With Bilimp, you can safely follow personal data tracked in various physical or digital media from a single point. Comply with Personal Data Protection Law.

Cargo shipments and deliveries

  • Developing internet technologies has reached a significant size in e-commerce. In addition to the cargoes to the institutions, the number of cargoes to the personnel increased tremendously.
  • As a result, better management of cargo shipments and deliveries has become a necessity for institutions. With Bilimp, you can more easily track the cargoes sent to or from your institution.
  • Completely record the detailed information of incoming and outgoing cargo in the system. Quickly find out who receives shipments and when.
  • Incoming cargo information can reach your personnel either as a notification or as an SMS. Avoid loss and delay issues.

Document shipments and deliveries

  • Follow up the written documents sent outside of the institution or received from outside the institution much more easily with Bilimp.
  • Completely eliminate losses and delays, especially in the follow-up of periodic documents coming from outside the institution.
  • Quickly access information about who sent/received the documents and when.
  • Incoming document information can reach your personnel either as a notification or as an SMS. Photograph documents and add them to Bilimp easily. Report all information quickly and easily.

Mobile Assistant

Bilimp's Mobile  With "Assistant", you can easily access your Calls, Posts, Contacts and Companies anytime, anywhere.
Use on all Android and IOS devices.
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